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Why cfed?
As long ago as 2006...

C.I.P.D. described Financial Education as a “WIN-WIN PROPOSITION” in their report on workplace financial education. So we all agree that Financial Education in the workplace is a good thing, but who should we choose to deliver it?

Well you’ll be unsurprised to hear that we think cfed is the best answer in most cases.


Financial Education NOT Financial Selling

Historically financial advisers get a poor reception from employees when they come into an organisation. Why is this? Could it be that employees have become wise to the fact that advisers don’t work for nothing and they usually get paid by selling financial products? The other main reason advisers are often used is when there is some bad news to deliver like pension scheme changes or even worse, redundancies. And do you think that means a no selling approach? Often not. The sad truth is advisers will often see redundancies and the like as opportunities to sell financial products such as investments.

cfed will categorically guarantee not to sell any such products to your people. That way we can absolutely focus on providing quality financial education for your team.


Whilst all cfed coaches and presenters have previously qualified and operated as advisers In their specialist areas, they are also experienced coaches. This means they know how to get the best from your people. They do this by talking in terms of delegates’ interest and getting the audience involved whenever possible. We celebrate individuality and recognize that we all have different learning styles and will adapt to meet the needs of the delegates.

Their advising experience means they have lots of genuine analogies and will use real life examples to bring the sessions to life.

Teach someone to fish

Most of us have heard the proverb:

“give a someone a fish and feed them for a day-or teach someone to fish and feed them for a lifetime”

and whilst the words might not be totally P.C. today, that is our mantra.

We believe that rather than telling people what they need, it’s far better to educate and give them the skills and knowledge they require to help them make their own financial decisions.

Is it a shovel?

We like to call a spade-a spade at cfed. Sometimes firms will ask their pensions provider or even an Actuary to provide education particularly on subjects like pensions. All due respect to these guys for their technical knowledge, but knowing your stuff and getting it across to others in a manner that they understand, are of course two totally different skills.

cfed have developed a reputation for our jargon-free approach and talking in terms that others understand.


So before you decide who you will trust to deliver Financial Education to your team, you might want to ask the following questions to anyone you are considering to do this important work.

Top Ten Questions
1Are they 100% independent?Yes
2Do they sell products like pensions & Investments?No
3Are they part of a company that sells pensions & investments?No
4Are their presenters experienced coaches that understand that as individuals we all learn in different ways?Yes
5Have they worked with organisations like yours before?Yes
6Are they qualified to deliver the Money Advice sessions on behalf of the FCA?Yes
7Can they supply references from both organisers and delegates?Yes
8Are they connected to any provider like bank or insurance company?No
9Are they offering to do this important work for free?No
10Do they have the skills required to deliver both presentations and 1-2-1 coaching sessions?Yes

Once you’ve gathered all the relevant information we suggest (in true cfed style) you make your own (educated) decision.

Let’s get married!

Not really, but we do believe that strong long term partnerships are the best way forward for all parties. Working with trusted partners is always better than having to source new providers. The delegates have a sense of continuity and feel more comfortable about discussing confidential issues with someone who they trust.

Clearly it suits cfed to build good relationships with our partners, so we work very hard to make sure we deliver the outcomes our partners are looking for.

To find out just how hard please get in touch to arrange a no obligation meeting to explore how Financial Education might help your people.

Get in touch

If you are looking for an impartial friendly discussion on any of our financial education services, please get in touch.

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