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The outcomes we look to deliver for delegates are:

New financial skills

  • Like paying their mortgage off faster.
  • Making their savings work harder.

Un-biased knowledge of how financial products really work

  • Know that to get the best rates on many products like ISAs means shopping around every year.

Ability to “choose for themselves” and not be sold products

  • Become pro-active about future financial requirements rather than being reactive to sales such as feeling they have to buy life insurance at the same time as their mortgage.

Improved personal financial position

  • Research shows that people who plan their finances save on average over £1500 per year!

Understanding of how to plan financially for life-stages such as retirement

  • One of the most amazing rewards for our coaches is to compare the whole outlook and attitude of a couple about to retire without a plan, to that of a couple abut to retire with a plan. Of course they’re the same people but you’d never believe it.

New Financial Confidence

  • We all know how different we feel when we’re in control and we know what we’re doing.
  • Employers often report delegates having a new skip in their step and a buzz about the place.

The improved well-being that all the above bring

  • …to the delegate and clearly the organisation as a whole.
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