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Any employer genuinely interested in the financial well-being of their people should use cfed, we have since 2012. They really make a difference.

When my head of H.R. tried to convince me it was a good idea and I was worried about having a bunch of financial advisors on site – but fortunately she talked me into it.

You did such an amazing job of clearing the fog around so many day to day financial matters (yes, even pensions!) that I would unreservedly recommend you to any organisation or individual.

I was sceptical at first but now I’m just so impressed that my employer has provided this great service.

We have had more than enough training going on here but this was definitely worth the time.

cfed take the mystery out of finance.

I feel I’ve understood more about money in one session than all the meetings I’ve had with the bank put together.

These guys explained pensions in a way that I actually understood. Let me tell you that’s a first.

10/10 Brilliant I just wish I’d known some of this stuff sooner.

I’m so impressed that my employer has arranged these sessions for us.

If you’re considering whether or not to attend, stop thinking about it and just go!. You will learn so much.

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